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What aspects do we need to know about food paper bag technology?


The use of food paper bags is increasing, but how many people know about the craft of food paper bags?

1. When printing, each color has a cylinder, and the engraving of the cylinder is concave engraving. During the printing process, the ink will flow continuously because the ink will condense, and a scraper is embedded in ink printing and film printing.

The scraper scrapes off the ink in the protruding area of the printing plate roller, so that the gravure roller can be printed. If there is dust on the scraper, there will be strips of ink pollution. For the point-shaped ink pollution, it is due to ink splashing during rolling printing. On the packaging film, causing dot ink pollution.

2. After the film is printed, it starts to be synthesized.

3. Curing: It is used for curing after coating. The main effect of curing is that the glue can adhere firmly. Generally, it is cured at 50°C for 24 hours. In fact, the composite film is stored at 50°C for 24 hours. If the time and temperature If the requirements are not met, the film will not be tight.

4. Then check the cured film. The inspection sample is to input the printed matter of the standard template into the computer, and the cured film passes through the white screen controlled by the computer. If there are unqualified products, directly paste the black mark on the film.

5. Film after sample cutting

6. After splicing, the film is made into a bag, and the bag making process is that the machine directly packs a piece of film into a bag automatically.

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