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  • Food bags are a kind of plastic packaging bags commonly used in our daily life. Whether in the mall or online shopping for snacks, there are all kinds of packaging bags. Each product and brand uses different packaging bags, but we can call it food packaging bags.


  • Release paper is also called silicone oil paper and anti-sticking paper. It mainly plays the role of isolating sticky objects, such as tape.


  • According to packaging capacity and purpose, they can be divided into large paper bags and small paper bags. Small paper bags are often used in some retail stores, and large paper bags are mostly used as stake containers for bulk powder and granular products. Different paper bags have different uses.


  • In a broad sense, greaseproof paper refers to paper that can prevent grease from absorbing and penetrating.


  • coated paper is a layer of coating (coating color) applied to the base paper to make the paper have good optical properties and printing performance.


  • 1. Environmentally friendly and easy to recycle Paper packaging is a green and environmentally friendly material that is easier to recycle than traditional plastic packaging. Paper can be recycled, reducing the generation of garbage and meeting the sustainable development requirements of modern society.


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