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  • With the introduction of the “plastic ban” policy, China’s paper and cardboard consumption still has considerable room for growth


  • When consumers purchase a product, their first encounter is not with the product itself but with the outer packaging. The distinction between poor and excellent packaging lies in the same product. Consumers will inevitably opt for eye-catching packaging. In brand marketing, nothing surpasses capturing consumers' attention. So, why is an eye-catching paper bag design so crucial?


  • Paper bags are classified based on specific forms of printing and can be divided into advertising paper bags, gift paper bags, decorative paper bags, knowledge-based paper bags, commemorative paper bags, simple paper bags, trendy paper bags, antique-style paper bags, and more. Below is a detailed introduction to the types of paper bag printing.


  • PE (polyethylene) coated paper can present challenges for recycling due to the presence of the plastic coating. While paper itself is recyclable, the addition of a PE coating can complicate the recycling process. PE-coated paper is commonly used in products like disposable cups, take-out containers, and some types of paper packaging.


  • ​Food paper bags are a container made of paper or paper composite materials. There are many types of paper bags. According to the material, they can be divided into paper bags, coated paper bags, and waxed paper bags.


  • For food packaging materials, their primary function is to provide convenience and practicality. At this point, the strength of paper bags gives them an absolute advantage. Only a strong enough outer packaging can prevent food from falling off.


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