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How to wrap sandwiches with Sandwich Package Paper


Sandwiches are an indispensable breakfast choice for office workers. Now we are teaching several sandwich packaging methods, which are simple and convenient, and only require baking paper or plastic wrap. Practice a few times and it will be comparable to a sandwich packaged in a convenience store.

An indispensable breakfast choice for office workers must be sandwiches, which are sold in most convenience stores and come with packages. But there are also many people who choose to make their own sandwiches and choose their favorite ingredients, which is economical and satisfying. But the sandwiches you make yourself also need to be packaged so that you can take them with you easily.

In fact, packaging sandwiches is very simple and easy to use. You only need a few pieces of Sandwich Package Paper to complete the packaging. However, there are different packaging methods for different types of sandwiches. You can pack them yourself according to the situation. For example, square sandwiches can be packaged in a square shape, while oval sandwiches can be packaged in an oval shape.

The Sandwich Package Paper required for packaging can be purchased in supermarkets at a low price. Office workers who like to make their own sandwiches can learn how to package them so they can take them to the office for breakfast. If you master the packaging method, it can be comparable to those sandwiches in convenience stores.

First, let’s talk about how to wrap a square sandwich. The upper and lower layers of the square sandwich are square toast. With this shape, it can be packaged into a square shape.

The first step is to take a piece of Sandwich Package Paper. Its width is 2-2.5 times the length of the square toast sandwich you want to package.

The second step is to place the sandwich in the middle. Fold the Sandwich Package Paper in half tightly against the sandwich. First fold a triangle on one side and fix it in place, then fold the other side and put the sharp edge of the triangle into the crease. You're done. .

If it is an oval sandwich, such as a French stick sandwich, the folding method will be different.

In the first step, you still need a piece of Sandwich Package Paper, whose width is 1.5-2 times the width of the baguette sandwich you want to package.

The second step is to put the sandwich in, lift up one corner of the Sandwich Package Paper, and roll it up against the sandwich. About halfway through the roll, fold the left and right sides of the paper toward the middle, then continue to roll, and tuck in the last remaining corner. Just fit in the crease.

The sandwich packaged in this way will be oval in shape, completely wrapping the baguette sandwich, and is beautiful and portable.

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