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What are the commonly used types of paper bags?


Paper bags are classified based on specific forms of printing and can be divided into advertising paper bags, gift paper bags, decorative paper bags, knowledge-based paper bags, commemorative paper bags, simple paper bags, trendy paper bags, antique-style paper bags, and more. Below is a detailed introduction to the types of paper bag printing.

Advertising Paper Bags

Advertising paper bags are designed through visual communication to focus on promoting advertising development. By utilizing creative graphics, symbol recognition, text description, and stimulating colors, they attract consumer attention, evoke a sense of closeness, and promote product sales. Advertising paper bags occupy a significant portion of the paper bag market and constitute the main body of paper bags.

At various trade fairs and exhibitions, these types of paper bags are often seen. They feature the company's name, logo, main product names, and some advertising slogans. Inadvertently, they play a role in promoting the corporate and product image, serving as a mobile advertisement with a wide range of coverage. The more unique and exquisite the design of these paper bags, the better their advertising effect. Depending on different target orientations, advertising paper bags can also be divided into shopping paper bags, promotional paper bags, brand paper bags, and VI design promotional paper bags.

Shopping Paper Bags

Shopping bag advertising can utilize the limited area of the bag to spread market information about the company or product/service. When customers carry shopping bags with store advertisements while walking through streets and alleys, it is essentially equivalent to having an excellent advertising sign, but at a relatively low cost.

Shopping paper bags are designed for places such as supermarkets and shopping malls. To facilitate consumers in carrying purchased items back home and to establish an emotional connection with consumers, dedicated paper bags are designed. These bags mostly use sturdy paper materials, which are relatively solid and can accommodate more items than other paper bags. The visual factors on shopping paper bags mainly consist of specific advertising forms of shopping venues (logos, mascots, specific graphics, special images, etc.), highlighting the image of supermarkets and shopping malls to convey information about shopping venues.

Promotional Paper Bags

Promotional paper bags are mainly used in promotional activities to promote goods or companies. To enhance their image and promote product sales, companies often hold a series of activities. By printing the company's introduction, product manuals, and perhaps even some small gifts (a small gift), on paper bags, and giving them to guests or consumers, it enables consumers to better understand the company's situation and product performance. Promotional paper bags are entirely an activity advertising board that can accommodate items. The visual design on the surface of these paper bags is centered around promoting the content that highlights the company and product, allowing consumers to quickly and willingly accept the transmitted information in activities.

Brand Paper Bags

To improve the quality of products and create higher value, businesses engage in brand building activities for their products. Brand paper bags are used in these branding activities. They are more commonly used in specialty stores, providing convenience for customers to carry goods and serving as a promotional tool. These paper bags use higher-quality materials that match the quality of the goods.

VI Design Promotional Paper Bags

VI is a strategic visual design of corporate philosophy and spiritualization. VI often uses paper bags as a form of visual transmission, which is an overall action that combines modern design concepts with corporate management theories to shape the company's personality, highlight corporate spirit, impress consumers deeply, and achieve business objectives through design.

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