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Let’s learn about coated paper together


Coated paper is a layer of coating (coating color) applied to the base paper to make the paper have good optical properties and printing performance.

Its main uses are: printing paper for publications such as magazines and books, and printing paper for trademarks, packaging, catalogs, etc. The ratio of the two is about 1:3.

 Coated paper can be divided into: coated paper, coated paper, lightweight coated paper, in addition to special coated paper such as burnt coated paper. There are also some differences in the classification of this type of coated paper in countries around the world.

The base paper generally uses Dowling paper, and coated paper containing groundwood pulp or deinked pulp base paper is also used. Except for special purposes, it is mostly used for advertising posters and magazine inside pages. Therefore, even under the same reproduction conditions, the displayed Colors will also vary greatly. Therefore, in order to improve printing quality, it is necessary to first understand the impact of paper on color reproduction, and then make appropriate adjustments to the photographic color separation or printing machine so that the printing quality can meet the needs.

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