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The Manufacturing Process of Kraft Paper Sos Bags


The manufacturing process of Kraft Paper Sos Bags is as follows:

1. Make pulp: Use raw materials such as bark and waste paper to make pulp, and then stir it into a thick state.

2. Stir the pulp: Add steam and water to the pulp and stir it into a mixture.

3. Adjust the pulp formula: Add corresponding amounts of yellow abietic acid and other chemicals to adjust the pH of the pulp and enhance water resistance.

4. Form the paper: Gently lift the mixture to form a thin paper on the paper liner.

5. Drying: Use a drying box with high temperature and low humidity to dry the paper.

6. Cutting: Use a cutting machine to cut the paper into the desired size shape.

7. Printing and packaging: Print the company trademark, brand or text on the paper, and then package it into finished products.

The above is the manufacturing process of Kraft Paper Sos Bags.