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Introduction to PE Coated Paper


PE Coated Paper is a paper material whose surface is coated with polyethylene (PE). Its main advantages include:

Good waterproofing: Because PE has excellent waterproofing properties, PE Coated Paper is not easily penetrated or wetted by water, so it is suitable for making containers or packaging materials.

Heat resistance and cold resistance: PE Coated Paper can withstand a certain range of temperature changes and maintain the integrity of the material even in high or low temperature environments.

Environmentally friendly: PE Coated Paper is an environmentally friendly material that does not contain harmful substances and can be easily recycled and disposed of.

Good printing effect: The surface of PE Coated Paper is smooth and even, and precise and detailed patterns and text can be maintained during the printing process.

Because PE Coated Paper has the above advantages, it is widely used in food packaging, medical device packaging, paper cups and other fields.

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