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What requirements should be paid attention to when making food paper bags?


On every holiday and festive day, we are used to sending seasonal delicacies to our relatives and friends. In order to establish brand awareness and leave a deep impression in the minds of consumers, more and more companies are spending more and more money on the production of food paper bags. thought.

Today I will introduce to you some requirements to pay attention to when making food paper bags.

1. Material

Different paper materials have different textures, touches and textures. The same paper material has different visual effects due to different weights.

For example, tawny kraft paper has a retro style, while coated paper gives a modern and simple feel, and art paper gives a visually gorgeous experience. It is one of the commonly used papers for high-end packaging.

In addition, the choice of technology for making food paper bags generally depends on the paper.

2. Style

During the printing process of different products, we must master the overall design style. For example, the production of food paper bags for traditional Chinese festivals such as moon cakes and rice dumplings requires more expression of ancient charm, culture and other factors.

The production of food paper bags during the Spring Festival must emphasize festive, auspicious and other atmospheres, and be full of "New Year flavor". In short, the design of food paper bag production must be analyzed based on product types and usage occasions, combined with various styles, in order to finally Determine design and printing options.

3. Size

The last size factor is also a cliché. The old saying of tailoring has been around for a long time. The packaging box should be designed according to the size and placement guidelines of the food.

4. Strength requirements

Since food must go through transportation, storage and other circulation processes before it can finally reach consumers, this requires food packaging to have a certain compressive strength, which can protect the food and ensure that it will not break or burst during the process.

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