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What are the benefits of using paper food bags?


For food packaging materials, their primary function is to provide convenience and practicality. At this point, the strength of paper bags gives them an absolute advantage. Only a strong enough outer packaging can prevent food from falling off.

Of course, in the packaging of liquid food, the food paper bag can remain unchanged in a humid environment, which can prevent the liquid food from flowing out and play a better packaging role.

There are many types of paper bags. Because the raw materials of paper are diverse, there are also paper bags made of many kinds of materials and their styles are also diverse.

Food paper bags can be divided according to material: white cardboard bags, white board paper bags, copper paper bags, kraft paper bags, special paper bags

According to the bag sides, bottom and back sealing methods of paper bags, there are four types of paper bags: open seam bottom bag, open adhesive corner bottom bag, valve type seam bag, and valve type flat hexagonal end and bottom adhesive bag.

A big reason to use paper bags is because of their environmentally friendly properties.

As we all know, paper bags are made of plant fiber, so they are degradable, recyclable, less polluting, and have fewer side effects.

In life, when paper bags are thrown away as domestic garbage, they can quickly degrade under the action of microorganisms, water, oxygen and other natural environments and decompose into harmless substances. Therefore, although paper bags have poor firmness and are easy to breed bacteria, Many issues such as waste of resources are still vigorously promoted.

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