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What are the general performance characteristics of food paper bags?


Food paper bags are a container made of paper or paper composite materials. There are many types of paper bags. According to the material, they can be divided into paper bags, coated paper bags, and waxed paper bags.

The transparent film of the food packaging bag material is composed of a multi-layer composite film, so it blocks bacteria, has good performance, and has a long storage time. It can be tightly sealed in a sealing pressure sealing machine and residence time of 150 to 180°C; it is heat-resistant for various sterilized items. Original monitoring, bacterial culture, monitoring, chemical indicator card monitoring, etc., sterilization indicators all meet the requirements.

Good penetrability, allowing the sterilization gas to penetrate safely, and at the same time, it can discharge the cold air in the package to achieve a complete sterilization effect. Good drainage, the paper-plastic packaging material weighs 56~70g per square meter, and the drainage of the paper The paper's properties will not cause the formation of condensation water after steam sterilization of the instrument. During the sterilization process of high temperature and moist heat, the paper has good toughness and will not break.

There are two chemicals, pressure steam and ethylene oxide, printed on the food packaging bag. The discoloration indicator point (equivalent to the function of the chemical indicator tape on the outside of the bag) can clearly distinguish whether the item has been sterilized from the different colors of the appearance.

It is easy to manage. You can directly write the name of the package, sterilization date, expiration date, operator name, and checker name on the paper, eliminating the trouble of pasting chemical indicator tape and various labels.

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