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Let’s take a look at what a food paper bag is?


According to packaging capacity and purpose, they can be divided into large paper bags and small paper bags. Small paper bags are often used in some retail stores, and large paper bags are mostly used as stake containers for bulk powder and granular products. Different paper bags have different uses.

Food paper bags can be divided into envelope type, flat bag type, square bottom bag type, hexagonal bottom bag type and portable square bottom bag type in terms of structure and shape. The sealing methods are mainly divided into adhesion, stitching, tape sealing, pin sealing and heat pressing. Sealing etc.

The bag filling methods are classified into prefabricated bags and bag making, filling and sealing bags. Premade bags are formed by hand or by a bag making machine before packaging, and are supplied by bag making factories or bag making workshops. When filling materials, the bag mouth needs to be opened first, and then sealed after filling.

Bag making, filling and sealing bags are printed and cut packaging paper provided by the packaging material factory. The bag making process, filling and sealing are completed continuously on the same machine.

Paper bags are made of paper as the main raw material. In addition to good strength, folding resistance, moisture permeability, etc., they also have excellent packaging adaptability, printability and economy.

As a paper container, paper bags are easy to process and form, with a high degree of automation. The container is easy to open, and the waste after use is easy to dispose of. It can be naturally degraded and disappeared in a short period of time under the action of light and microorganisms.

Therefore, paper bags have a wide range of uses. Bag-making, filling and sealing bags are included in the scope of food packaging paper products in the food paper packaging material unit. The paper bag products included in the production license management include paper bags, laminated paper bags and coated paper bags. Wax paper bag.

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