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Let me introduce to you what is the performance of release paper


Release paper is also called silicone oil paper and anti-sticking paper. It mainly plays the role of isolating sticky objects, such as tape.

Release paper has moisture-proof and oil-proof properties, so that silicone oil paper can isolate one product from other products. Silicone oil paper can be used for electronic product packaging, automotive foam, and printing industry.

This packaging paper has the ability to resist edge penetration (because the cup body and cup bottom of the coated original have exposed paper edges) and the ability to resist condensation water (single-sided coated or single-sided wax coated paper produces condensation water on the outside of the coated original paper when it is filled with cold liquid).

As for the amount of silicone oil coating, it generally does not appear in the technical report of the release coating supplier. The selection of release paper directly affects the applicability of the glue because the coating amount.

Natural anti-fouling coated paper has good toughness, good tensile strength, smooth surface, good waterproof performance, and commonly used single-sided PE coated paper has a brighter coating surface, brown, beige, etc.

Of course, there are other uses for food packaging, such as wrapping paper for chicken fillets, pancakes, chestnuts, barbecue, etc. It is non-toxic and has the effects of oil-proof, moisture-proof and waterproof.

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