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Let's talk about the characteristics of food bags


Food bags are a kind of plastic packaging bags commonly used in our daily life. Whether in the mall or online shopping for snacks, there are all kinds of packaging bags. Each product and brand uses different packaging bags, but we can call it food packaging bags.

Food packaging bags are generally made of PE high-pressure polyethylene and PP polypropylene. Food packaging bags are almost all made of anti-corrosion coatings in plastics. Epoxy resin is the primary component of plastics and an indispensable component. It has an adhesive effect and can bind the structure of plastics into a whole.

Although many of them are adding various additives to change the properties of plastic bags, epoxy resin is the basis for determining the type and properties of plastics.

So what are the characteristics of food bags?

1. Meet the standards of my country's food packaging bags

2. Green and zero pollution, environmentally friendly materials

3. Can be customized

4. Can be sprayed in any style

5. Can be used for high and low temperature tests

6. Heat insulation

7. Quality assurance

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